last but one

last but one

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  • LAST BUT ONE — …   Useful english dictionary

  • next but one — last/next/but one phrase in a position that is just before the last one just after the next one My name was last but one on the list. My sister lives next door but one (=there is one house between my house and hers) . Thesaurus: function words… …   Useful english dictionary

  • last but not least — the last one on the list but not the least important    Last but not least is Carla, winner of the spelling contest …   English idioms

  • last — [[t]lɑ͟ːst, læ̱st[/t]] ♦ lasts, lasting, lasted 1) DET You use last in expressions such as last Friday, last night, and last year to refer, for example, to the most recent Friday, night, or year. I got married last July... He never made it home… …   English dictionary

  • last — last1 W1S1 [la:st US læst] determiner, adj 1.) most recent or nearest to the present time →↑next (12) ▪ I hadn t seen him since the last meeting. last night/week/year etc ▪ Did you see the game on TV last night? ▪ The law was passed last August.… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • last — I UK [lɑːst] / US [læst] adjective, adverb, determiner, noun, pronoun *** Summary: Last can be used in the following ways: as a determiner (followed by a noun): I saw him last night. ♦ I wasn t here last time. as an adjective (after a determiner… …   English dictionary

  • but — but1 W1S1 [bət strong bʌt] conj [: Old English; Origin: butan outside, without, except ] 1.) used to connect two statements or phrases when the second one adds something different or seems surprising after the first one ▪ It s an old car, but it… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • but — but1 [ weak bət, strong bʌt ] function word *** But can be used in the following ways: As a conjunction (connecting two phrases or clauses): She s 83 but she still goes swimming every day. As a way of starting a new sentence and connecting it to… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • but — I strong UK [bʌt] / US weak UK [bət] / US adverb, conjunction, preposition *** Summary: But can be used in the following ways: As a conjunction (connecting two phrases or clauses): She s 83 but she still goes swimming every day. As a way of… …   English dictionary

  • but — 1 conjunction strong /bVt/ 1 in spite of something, or not as you would expect: The situation looked desperate but they didn t give up hope. | The car was very cheap but it s been extremely reliable. 2 used to add another statement to one that… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • but — 1. conj., prep., adv., pron., n., & v. conj. 1 a nevertheless, however (tried hard but did not succeed; I am old, but I am not weak). b on the other hand; on the contrary (I am old but you are young). 2 (prec. by can etc.; in neg. or interrog.)… …   Useful english dictionary

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